Thursday, 26 February 2015

Trial by Fear by Bruce Arrington


A defeated kingdom. A forgotten prince. A powerful resurrection. 

Raised by goblins for as long as he can remember, Beon's life amounts to no more than abject slavery. His world view is warped to the point of no return. 

In a desperate act of self preservation, Beon tries to leave his past behind. But he pays the ultimate price as the goblins hunt him down. 

Then the kindness of a stranger with great powers gifts Beon with a new life, one with promise for a future, if only he can control that which has crippled his ability to function normally: his fears.


Trial by Fear is an interesting story about a teenage boy called Beon, who was captured by goblins as a baby. Throughout his young years, he was ridiculed by the goblins, who never hesitated to insult or make fun of him. Tired of the mistreatment (little sleep, poor nutrition), Beon finally decides to escape. Unfortunately, he is caught by the goblins and killed. He is given a new life by Calandria. Calandria has plans for Beon, but he doesn't know what is in store for him...

I thoroughly enjoyed this book because it is well written and the storyline holds the attention of the reader. I also enjoyed the main character Beon because his character development from a scared teenager with low self-confidence to someone who was willing to risk his life to save a new found friend, the tor-asvor, was enjoyable to follow. I believe the main theme of this story is overcoming fear--Beon was taught how to trust himself to conquer the fears that the goblins had instilled in him. 

My main criticism is that this book was very short. However, it was a very enjoyable story and I would highly recommend it to lovers of YA fantasy. 

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


Bruce Arrington wrote the first two installments of the teen Josh Anvil Series, and the first of the Fallen Powers Series. He also wrote The Seventh Birthday Wish and The Eighth Birthday Wish, for young children. His most recent work, "The Legend of Skaluni", is a short fantasy story. Currently Bruce lives in Paisley, Oregon, with his family and several spoiled pets.


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