Sunday, 25 January 2015

Girl of the Book 2

I have gotten many comments about Courtney and Nizar. :-) Even while I was writing Girl of the Book, I knew their relationship would not go very far and thought that even if they had to get any closer, it was going to take a long time. Plus we're in Saudi Arabia, remember?

It's not like people don't date in Saudi Arabia. They do, actually, but it is not the classic boy comes to the girl's doorstep, rings the bell and waits, says hello to her dad or mum and gets invited in to wait for his date to come downstairs. lol. That doesn't happen here. There are no movie theatres or nightclubs where teens go and have fun or anything of the like, but there are other ways that teens have fun.

Want to find out whether Courtney becomes friends with Nizar again? Rendez-vous in book 2.

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