Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Complete Rewrite

Don't they (writers) all say it? The worst part of the writing process is revision. Why? Because you may have to do a complete rewrite, which was the case with the book I was writing.

I remember when I sent the first draft of my manuscript for revision and it came back with all the notes and edits. Boy! I was like, am I ever going to get this done? I abandoned the manuscript for about four months because I knew I had to do a complete rewrite. And each time, I sat down to write, I always managed to convince myself that I could do it later.

When I finally started working on the manuscript, I was overwhelmed by my daily activities. Firstly, I had a full-time job. Secondly, I was a housewife and I had kids who made it difficult for me to work at home--I usually wrote in the evenings after work and on weekends. Thirdly, I had other freelance activities that took most of my time, and I had to work hard to save money to go on holidays. I still can't figure out how I pulled it--sleeping less than three hours a day and going about my daily activities. But I finally did a comlete rewrite and changed the title of my story to Girl of the Book. (Good bye Adventures of a Middleschooler in Arabia).

Now I'm relaxing a little after sending a revised draft to my editor. Notice I said a little because while she's (editor) working on the draft, I'm biting my fingers working on my marketing plan, which turns out to be harder than the writing part. And someone said writing a book was sooo easy.

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